The Labor Named Deforestation

Data Journalism
Interactive Installation 
2019 | interactive installation
exhibited at all ogen op de amazone (2019, the netherlands)
exhibited at views from above (2019, the netherlands)

International discourses and media coverage on the sustainabilty of the Brazilian Amazon often lacks attention to forced labor and enslaved workers upon whom the labor of deforestation is imposed.

This interactive installation explores how forced labor is instrumenatal in major industries responsible for the deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, informed by local and international news media.

research, visualization and design by
Cyan Bae

developed by
Lizzie Malcolm and Dan Powers

primary data
Pastoral Land Commission [Comissão Pastoral da Terra, CPT]
The Secretariat of Labor Inspection [Secretaria de Inspeção do Trabalho, SIT]

Collaboration with
Greenpeace Netherlands

photography (views from above)
Sofia de Benedictes

views from above

all ogen op de amazone
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